Mediumship Training

10-11 March 2018: One Voice Centre, Benfleet, Essex
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The Arthur Conan-Doyle Centre, Edinburgh

11-13 May 2018

Mediumship is ever evolving in harmony with eternal consciousness, therefore the accessing, presenting and phenomena of this craft evolves too, in order that we meet the desire of spirit and the spiritual needs of the public too.

This weekend workshop will specifically focus on your own individual training/practitioner requirements to strengthen your skill base, as well as empower your self-confidence to align you with the power and beauty of contemporary mediumship phenomena.

This course is now fully booked.

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Mediumship Training

8-9 September 2018: Lincolnshire
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Mediumship Training

7 October 2018: Redditch Spiritualist Church - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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