Extraordinary You!

A transformative guided meditation where our past meets our present, our emotionsbecome healed by our soul, and our spirit is reunited with the transcendent team for spiritual guidance and eternal guardianship.


Price: £12.00 Order Code: RPNCD012

Whispers of Aquarius

A powerful meditation guiding you to your higher consciousness, in acquiring a greater sense of the Aquarian mind, from which our spirit receives order, recognition and wisdom.


Price: £12.00 Order Code: RPNCD005


A guided visual meditation to perceptively heal the heart centre of relationships and to restore the spirit's courage to love.


Price: £12.00 Order Code: RPNCD004

Sweet Surrender

A guided sound mediation of the chakras to help you relax, release stress and gently move you to within the presence and peace of your inner being.


Price: £12.00 Order Code: RPNCD003


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