Types of Consultation

Auric Readings  

An in-depth review and insightful counseling session of your career, relationships, health and spiritual direction for the coming year. This guidance will be based upon answering your specific questions to those areas of your life where you are needing assistance.


This consultation is more past based due to its nature of conversing with the spirit of your loved ones who have made their transition from this physical world, back to their spirit home. The general essence of this session is an opportunity to receive their guidance once more as I describe their personality, information regarding their passing, and shared memories.

Spiritual Assessment

This session is to help you to understand the varying dynamics of your spiritual awareness, a step-by-step guidance helping you to a more structured approach to your spiritual work, and a closer connection with your spiritual power and teachers of the higher consciousness.

All consultations are 30 minutes and are $100. Only one style of reading may be chosen per appointment.


Booking a Consultation


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